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    The deserved academic orchestra of Ukraine Model orchestra of Armed Forces of Ukraine, as a division of the Armed Forces of Ukraine has a clear organizational structure that provides timely execution of all tasks in front of an orchestra and allows you to perform functional tasks as directed.
         The composition of the administrative group are:

Chief orchestra-artistic director

                                         colonel Bykovsky Ihor Petrovych

                                         tel.: 271-36-93,  

                                         fax: 288-05-42 

                                         e-mail: major_bip@ukr.net


Depchief of the orchestra-military conductor


                                          tel.: 271-36-93 



Military conductor

                                           major Shkolovyj Borys Borysovych

                                           tel.: 271-36-93 

                                           e-mail: bshkolovoy@mail.ru


                                           Honored Artist of Ukraine Vinnikov Valery Oleksandrovich

Main petty officer of orchestra

                                     senior warrant officer Shynkarenko Grygory Kostantynovych


Head of finance and economic service

                                      lance sergeant Peresipkyna Anna Viktorivna

Accountant of finance and economic service

                                      senior soldier Shkolovaja Iryna Vasylivna


Head of ware maintenance

                                       ensign Mordyuk Natalia Ivanivna


Head of administrative part

                                        senior soldier Miroshnychenko Viktoriya Ivanivna




                                        senior soldier Vodolazska Natalia Vasylivna


Head of the motor-car service

                                          ensign Vodolazsky Volodymyr Dmytrovych