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History of orchestra

    Honoured Academic Orchestra of Ukraine Orchestra of the Armed Forces of Ukraine - Ukraine's leading creative team, the musical symbol of its Armed Forces.

     Creative way Orchestra of the Armed Forces of Ukraine began with the establishment in December 1945, the Orchestra staff of the Kiev military district by order of the People's Commissar of Defence of number 071 - 1944 Military Council Resolution number 040 CHED from 14.05.1945, the ORG directive and 1/87839 of the 31.10.1945 year. The founder and first head of the orchestra was Major
Demian Litnovsky.

    Performing concerts in front of soldiers and civilians, the band orchestra played a significant role in the development of military music. Success came to the team in the 60s .. Popularity team provided professional excellence and varied concert activities (performances on Ukrainian radio and television, in concert halls, sound documentaries and feature films, gramophone records, regular participation in military parades, concerts government). With the orchestra were outstanding conductors and musicians - Tchernetsky S., M. Nazarov, N. Rachlin, S. Turchak, E. Chavdar, B.Rudenko, D. Hnatiuk, N. Kondratjuk and others.

 The orchestra has repeatedly celebrated winning the Minister of Defense and the command of the Kiev Military District. For contributions to the development of music in 1965, the orchestra was awarded the title "Honored Orchestra Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic."

     Staff Orchestra CHED has repeatedly won prizes at competitions regular-Army military bands of the Soviet Army and Navy, received the "Grand Prix" at the international festival of brass music in Yugoslavia (Sarajevo, 1972). In October 1983 Staff Orchestra CHED has been voted the winner of the Festival of Youth Friendship Soviet Union and East Germany.

    The orchestra was awarded the Certificate of Merit of the Komsomol (1968) and the Diploma of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR (1978). In 1984, the band won the Republican Prize Nikolai Ostrovsky.

The new trend of creative activity of the orchestra due to the declaration of Independence in 1990. The first place goes to popularize Ukrainian music. During the years of independence, the orchestra has gone through several stages of reform.

      In May 1992, it was renamed
Separate Orchestra of the Ministry of Defence.

       In February 1995, reformed in
Orchestra of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and changed its organizational structure.

     Separate Orchestra of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine - the first central military band of independent Ukraine. The orchestra has participated in the creation and first performance of the National Anthem of Ukraine.

  The orchestra is a regular participant of military parades, public, professional, and cultural events that take place not only in the capital of Ukraine, but also in other regions of the country, the meeting provides an honorary foreign delegations.

   During its existence the band has participated in many international festivals, competitions and concert tour of military bands. His hospitably received in Sweden, Belgium, France, Germany, England, Italy and other countries. The repertoire of the orchestra of the best examples of world and Ukrainian classics, contemporary symphonic, pop and jazz works, ceremonial marches and songs, concert suites and overtures.

     In 2008, the band has received a high rank of the Honored Academic Orchestra of Ukraine and is hereinafter referred to as the Honoured Academic Orchestra of Ukraine Orchestra of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.




 The creative activity of the orchestra - a sample of high professional and artistic excellence, a sample of drill and military discipline.






    Military band service (military music management) at various times headed:
Vladimir Gurfinkel, Stephen Tvorun,
Edward Parsadanyan, John Ladanovskiy,
Emile Marcus, Alexander Danilov,
Alexander Verevkina, Valery Bogdanov,
Gennady Grigoriev, Vladimir Derkach, 
Victor Paschenko.

                Chiefs of orchestra


                                        major                                                                                     lieutenant colonel
                            Demian Litnovsky                       Vasyl' Ryazancev                            Emile Marcus 



                                  lieutenant colonel                                  major                                        major
                                   Glib Kuznetsov                         Vasyl' Ohrimenko                Petro Miroshnychenko 



                                         major                                lieutenant colonel                         lieutenant colonel
                              Anatoliy Kuz'menko                    Olexiy Bazhenov                         Valeriy Vinnikov



                                  lieutenant colonel                               colonel                                      captain 
                             Volodymyr Yakovenko                    Dmytro Antoniuk                    Maxym Kachan (Acting)



                                         colonel                                        colonel 
                              Vyacheslav Korobko                Volodymyr Matviychuk



               Conductors of orchestra

            Sonich, G.Kuznetsov, Vladimirskiy, V.Ohrimenko, O.Bazhenov, O.Morozov, V.Gulko, V.Yakovenko, A.Kabachenko, M.Ryabokon, M.Kachan, P.Korchevny, Yu.Melnyk, M.Gusak, L.Sukenyk.