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Soloists & emcee


     A significant role in creative activities play soloists of the orchestra. They are the true masters of their craft and decoration of the orchestra. Their professionalism, artistry, color, temperament allows you to work in a variety of manners, from the academic to jazz. Statements made in the opening days of song, competitions, festivals, concerts, dedicated to public holidays - this is an incomplete range of their live performances, always leave the audience the best impressions and feelings.

Honored Artist of Ukraine Galina Dovbetskaia

     1987-1993. – Head of folk group "Evshan-zіllya";

    Diploma of the International Festival of the Ukrainian song in Sopot with a lullaby to the words of Taras Shevchenko "Oh lyulі, lyulі" (Poland, 1988.)

     Diploma of the International Festival in Valley (UK, 1989).;

     1990. - Recording the CD "The Prayer" (f. "Melody");

     Voiced Photoplay dir. S.Proskurni "Hunger 33" performance "Chari kupalskoї nochi" dir. O.Martsiniva.

      Since 1992 is the same soloist with Orchestra of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and ensemble folk music "Svyatovyd".




 Olga Jarova

The Grand Prix of All-Ukrainian Competitions:

"Oberig" in Kherson

"The World of Talents" in Kyiv

"Milky way" in Ochakiv

Since 2016 she is a soloist with Orchestra of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

and ensemble folk music "Svyatovyd".





   The compilation of concert programs, scripting, performing concerts are engaged in leading the orchestra People's Artist of Ukraine Volodymyr Oberenko

People's Artist of Ukraine
      Volodymyr Oberenko
   In 1960. graduated from Lvov Trade and Economic Institute. In 1968 he graduated from the Odessa Theatre School (Department of Musical Comedy) in "Artist of the operetta." In 1988 he graduated from the Kiev State Conservatory. Tchaikovsky in "Concert Singer" (Faculty of solo singing).
From 1960 to 1976, working actor-singer in the St. Nicholas Ukrainian Music and Drama Theater, Volgograd and Odessa Musical Comedy Theatre, Kyiv Operetta Theater. He played more than 80 roles in numerous productions. In 1972 he starred in the central role of the film "Nina" (studio them. Dovzhenko).
From 1976 to 1980, he worked as Managing Director Honored Academic Choir "Dumka". As a soloist, worked with the chapel "Dumka" and the State Symphony Orchestra of the USSR, has a record of 12 vocal-symphonic works by composers E.Stankovicha, I.Karabitsa, Haydn, S.Shtogarenka, Shamo, etc.;
In 1980 works The State Committee of the USSR Radio and Television in the post soloists;
In 1981 he was appointed director of the State Wind Orchestra of the USSR, many worked as a soloist with orchestra;
Since 1988, devoted himself to the Armed Forces of Ukraine, working in an ensemble of song and dance Armed Forces of Ukraine and the military orchestra of the National Guard of Ukraine;
has honorary title "Honored Artist of Ukraine" (1980), "People's Artist of Ukraine" (1994);
published several collections of poetry and music: "Heaven Road" ( 2002), "The Return of Romance" (2004), "Favorite Song" with lyrics by Yesenin (2008), "The charm of romance" (2009).
Since 2006 works as a soloist and a leading concert programs ZPOZSU. Is the permanent leader of all special events in the Armed Forces of Ukraine, as well as the same "voice" of parades and military bands at the Independence Square. 
& Anzhelika Shevchuk